In the past 3 years I have noticed that it is very easy to get ‘stuck’ in the language learning process without actually moving in the direction of activating the language. What do I mean by this? It is quite ‘safe’ to stay in the comfort zone of the book/course, doing the exercises, reading, learning more, studying more. And, of course, you need this to learn a language BUT…at a certain point in time you need to take the step to activating the language. This means: writing, speaking, using it in real life. If you wait with this step until you have learned enough then you will wait your whole life for it.

How to start doing this? Write 1 or 2 things down about your day in the language you are learning. Converse with someone in your chosen language for 5 minutes. Try to read an easy story but then write down in your own words what the story was about. All of this will help activating your language.


Learn how to do this.

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